Josefine utenfra
laying for a wedding may 2007
from Jam-session with Nissa, Totto and Ole Marius
from Josefine Viscescene

Josefine Vertshus - estb. 1979

Josefine Vertshus has existed for more than 30 years as an establishment for parties, concerts and dining. Josefine, this great house was earlier known as the legendary night and key-club called Hawk Club during the mid sixties until 1979. Since the mid 20ies our top floor has served lots of parties, and even during the WWII it was an active center for some of the resistanace movement. This long history remains in the atmosphere, well blended with the present. We don't have to be retro..., we are the real thing.

During the eighties Josefine positioned itself as a melting pot of cultural activities, which main focus has been and still are; live music and party arrangements.

The location of Josefine is central, but in a quiet neighbourhood, approximately 10-15 minutes walk from the castle and the main street Karl Johan, and just 100 meters from the shopping streets of Hegdehaugsveien and Bogstadveien. You can easily get there by public transportion. (Adr.: Josefinesgt. 16 - see map)

Party for friends, family or a company? (link's in norwegian)

It is possible to arrange private parties such as weddings, company gatherings, shows, concerts, reunions etc. We have three separate areas, situated at separate floors. The largest area has a capacity of approximately 120 people. This floor also offers a stage with PA, drums, bass and guitar amps and a piano.

For more information call: +47 22 69 34 99 weekdays 10-14, or try evenings after 18. (Josefine is closed during July and untill mid August)

Legendary JAMSESSION: (link's in norwegian)

Each Tuesday during the spring, fall and winter season Josefine Vertshus is a hangout for musicians, eager and social listeners to meet. The jam-session gathers famous, as well as upcoming musicians for an entertaining jam that combines many great aspects of music, lots of people of all ages and a real good time. Most certainly the best place to go out in Oslo on Tuesday evening, a must for visitors!

Since 1980 the legendary entertainer, pianist and singer Nissa Nyberget has developed this outmost and special jam. As he now lives more or less abroad he is no longer in charge of the jam. Nevertheless, his long time friend and companion, guitarist Stein Bull-Hansen is now in charge of keeping the jam-tradition alive, with the help of some of Oslo's finest musicians.

Josefine "Folkscene" (Visescene) (link's in norwegian)

Wednesdays we have different concerts arranged by Josefine Visescene. The music is in the blended tradition of folk music, or singer/songwriter-tradition. It's usually in Norwegian or some of the other Scandinavian languages, but occasionally it's in English, Spanish or even languages not familiar to most people. The music is quite international! The Josefine Visescene started in 1996, and has been a leading centre for this genre of music. It is presented and organized by three of the leading Norwegian representatives for this music, Kari Svendsen, Lars Klevstrand and Jørn Simen Øverli.

PopQuiz (link's in norwegian)

Every last Wednesday throughout the season we arrange a PopQuiz with one of Norways´ best known pop-historian, TV and radio-host Finn Bjelke. Certainly an enjoyable evening, even if you don't know the language. Most of the music is British or American, and there will always be a team that you may join solving the quiz! Live guitar and singing will be performed by co-host Knut Aafløy.

Stand Up (link's in norwegian)

Also on Thursdays, since mars 2008, stand up comedy enters the scene. Norways largest comedy club, Reis Deg Komiker (Stand Up Comedians) arrange a show with several comedians on stage.



Josefine Vertshus
Josefines gate 16
0351 Oslo


tlf 22 69 34 99 fax 22 60 31 26
office hours: 10.00 – 14.00 or after kl. 18.00 on days with any program.